Monday, December 03, 2007

At least in the forum and eMailing list arena

I have always been reluctant to use neither eMailing lists to ask the community nor a forum, because I have never known how to use these tools, but these days before today I began to use the eMailing list to ask something I needed and by the results received I got to use the forum media too. That is why I subscribed to the to ask something to the community. Both tools are invaluable resource to get acquainted to something and a learning tool by the way. It also lets you share knowledge and know people who has possibly worked your problems in one way or another. That is why I post this blog to let people know I am also using these tools. You can find me at this forum as the user Carlos Adolfo Ortiz Q'. I am also participating in the APPFUSE users list. MyFaces developer and user lists. I would wish you could be there by the way.
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