Monday, February 05, 2007

Do you know the meaning of OOP, RAD, ORM, DRY, KISS, TDD?

Do you know the meaning of OOP, RAD, ORM, DRY, KISS, TDD? Again! Well, if you are a technician as I am and specifically for Software development you should be familiar with these terms, but if you don't then take a look a this article

  • OOP: Stands for Object Oriented Programming or as of Wikipedia
  • RAD: Stands for Rapid Application Development or as of Wikipedia
  • ORM: Stands for Object Relational Mapping or as of Wikipedia
  • DRY: Stands for Don't Repeat Yourself (also known as Once and Only Once or Single Point of Truth --SPOT-- or as of Wikipedia
  • KISS: Stands for Keep It Simple Stupid or as of Wikipedia
  • TDD: Stands for Test-Driven Development or as of Wikipedia
NOTE: All entries to Wikipedia are typed in the search engine, thus you may encounter many definitions thus openly knowing other meanings to the acronym being referred to here.

I hope you had refreshed your memory, don't you?

Well, It has been a long time since....

Well, since Aug.26/2006 I have not fed this blog with another entry. I intend to use more and more the blogging system and as such I intend to publish more articles. I am getting to the point in my life where this is necessary as a full structural life-planning is on the way. My last 2 to 3 years have been spent fulfilling many unfinished task such as my College Grade and this year is the culmination in that effort as this is the last semester taking classes and continuing the graduation process which consists in making a thesis proceeding and other stuff. Last year I met a wonderful woman and other parts are beginning to evolve. I am unemployed up to date but many opportunities are on the way and I feel more and more tied to God. But this blog is about me and my technical affair (if you want other material in my natural language use my cousin blog -- see about me entry for details).

More entries are to come on the way, keep in touch.