Saturday, April 18, 2009

WWW and Linux birthdays

Did you know when was officially launched the WWW?
Did you know when Linux 1.0 officially launched?

The World Wide Web Is 20 Years Old Today (exact day is March 13/2009).
Happy 15th Birthday Linux (exact day is March 13/2009).

I noticed this news in this other blog by Tom Kyte blog which I frequently visit and considered it was very interesting to post here too, the original entry is here. As Tom says there
Two creations that have changed a lot of things.

Java and a Gremlin

I was today looking for a mailing solution to implement in Spring Framework (better to spend some time looking for a prebuild solution than trying to implement the own one) and came across to the SpringSource blog area and noticed an interesting entry by founder Spring Framework project Rod Johnson called Enterprise Java and the American Motors Gremlin, on Apr.14th/2009 (well, and also noticed it was published on my birthday's day, what a coincidence).

Why I posted this link and entry to another link/entry.
Because I have always heard of the inproductive Java Tooling and platform is and why other models are more productive for developers to use. And this entry gives some clues to the future ahead, and also to have it set.