Thursday, April 12, 2007

On Spring Framework

When I started to study Java back on 2002 I attended a course on Websphere Application Developer or a name like that based on the version fourth of the product. Since then I spent many hours surfing the internet in search for information about the J2SE and documents about Java in any category. From the course I was linked to, and this was my first source for news on the Java platform, and this led me to another sites as well. Soon I acquired a book named Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development by Rod Jhonson on Mar.23/2003 which became a classical book. Based on the ideas exposed on this book and the source code included for this book, a new framework was born, named Spring Framework and a site is devoted to this one found at and the final release for version 1 was due on March.24/2004 more here. And now I am fond of this framework and it is directing my thoughts in the Java space, which has led me to collect many resources for this fabulous framework which I will post here on the Spring Framework tag, coming soon to a blog near you. Now the spring framework is in the version 2 series. Have a look here. And a good blog about spring issues maintained by Craig, Walls writer of the Manning book Spring in Action.
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